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PAPS Tracker

PAPS Tracker (Click Here)

Enter your shipment details using UPPERCASE text when using the PAPS tracker.

The PAPS Tracker link now works with all browsers, and mobile devices. It also returns results for Border Remote Location Filing (RLF). See the link below for FDA information.

FDA/MARCS Import Trade Auxiliary Communtications System (Click Here) - is the direct link to which will give you detailed FDA line information and the Entry Status of your shipment. This link is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices. You will need your BCB Entry number, the format of which is 186-XXXXXXX-X.

**If your webpage is white after submitting your Entry number, scroll down to see the data.**

For shipments entering the US, all ports of crossing fax docs to 716-884‐5703 or email docs to

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